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Size guide for social media 2024
digital marketing | 16 Feb. 2024

Each social network has its own rules and defines the ideal size for its image and video posts. That's why knowing the image and video sizes of the world's main social networks is essential, so you can get the best results from each of your posts.


Size guide



Profile picture: 2048x2048px (recommended minimum 761x761px).


Personal profile cover: 2050x780px (recommended minimum 851x315px).
Dimensions displayed on desktop 820x312px and 640x360px on smartphones.


Page cover: 1958x745px.


Group cover: 1640x922px.


Event page cover: 1000x524px.


Tamanhos para facebook 01


Publicação de imagens

Square image: 2048x2048px (recommended minimum 492x492px).


Portrait image: 1364x2046px (recommended minimum 492x738px).


Image with link: 1200x628px.


Carousel image: 1080x1080px.


Video: 1080x1080px.


Stories: 1080x1920px.

Tamanhos para facebook 02



Stories: 1080x1920px.


Square image: 1080x1080px.


Horizontal image: 1080x566px (maximum 566px so the image isn't cropped).


Vertical image/portrait: 1080x1350px (maximum 1350px so the image isn't cropped).


Reels: 9:16 aspect ratio (these videos must have a maximum resolution of 1080p, a maximum weight of 4GB and a maximum duration of 90 seconds).


Profile photo: the aspect ratio will be 110x110px or 180x180px. The ideal size should be much larger to avoid low pixels.


Instagram adverts



Square image: Max. 1936x1936px (recommended minimum 600x600px)


Horizontal image: Max. 1936x1936px (minimum 600x315px)


Vertical image/portrait: Max. 1936x1936px (minimum 600x750px)


Video: 1:1 (square); 1.9:1 (horizontal); 4:5 (vertical/portrait). Maximum weight 4GB, 12' seconds

Tamanhos de imagens para instagram



Profile photo: 400x400px.


Personal profile cover: 1584x396px.


Company logo: 300x300px.

Page cover: 1128x191px.


Square images: 1200x1200px.


Linked images / adverts: 1200x627px.


Video: Recommended size 1920x1920px. Maximum length between 10 and 15 minutes. Maximum weight 5GB.


Tamanho de imagens para linkedin



Profile picture: 800x 800px.


Profile cover: 2560x1440px.


Video thumbnail: 1280x720px.


Video advert: 1920x1080px.


Horizontal screen advert: 300x600px


Tamanhos para Youtube



Profile picture: 720x720px.


Profile cover image: 800x450px.


Thumbnail: 200x200px.


Pins - Recommended: 1000x1500px.


Pins - Feed: 600x600px.


Video: 1090x1920px.

Tamanho de imagens para Pinterest


Twitter / X

Profile picture: 400x400px.


Profile cover: 1500x500px (although it also supports 1024x280px).


Square images: 1600x900px (maximum 5MB for both photos and GIFs).


Horizontal images: 1600x900px.


X cards / linked images: 1200x628px.


Video: 1200x1200px ou 1600x900px. Maximum duration 140 seconds. Maximum size 512MB.

Tamanhos para Twitter



Profile picture: 192x192px.


Chat thumbnail: 600x600px.


Estado (image or video): 1080x1920px.

Tamanhos de imagens para Whatsapp


Profile picture: proporção 1:1, aceita JPG, JPEG e PNG. O tamanho do arquivo tem de ser menor ou igual a 50KB.


Video: 9:16 or 16:9 aspect ratio, the resolution must be 540x960px, 640x640px or 960x540px.TikTok accepts MP4, MOV, MPEG, 3GP and AVI.


Video ads: duration between 5 and 60 seconds (Tiktok usually suggests videos between 9 and 15 seconds), with a bit rate greater than or equal to 516 kbps and a maximum weight of 500MB.

Tamanhos para TikTok


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