The biggest technological conference in euro, the websummit, was 3 weeks ago, but we felt that we are in time to tell you how it was!
It was 3 days full of technology, startups, innovation, data, design and marketing, witch doubled our inspirations and creativity.

web summit “Critec Team at websummit”


The websummit is the ideal place for curious people. Were discussed technological innovations for the future, what can we expect from the climatic changes, the news from the business world and much more themes of interest for the today’s society. To debate this questions, were invited CEO’s from technological companies, heads of state and policy makers, who expressed their opinion and testimony in many areas.

web summit “Websummit Main Stage ”


In fact, the technological development is responsible for the biggest part of the changes in the lastest years, the goods and the bads. If on one hand technology brought a more easy way for interaction and relationship, on the other hand we subject ourselves to expose and share many personal informations and value data. It is essential protect our privacy in the online world. The contribution of this event is to have the ability to get people to think globally and make them aware that there is a lot to do together, because we are all connected.

web summit “Critec Stand”


In addition to the didactic aspect of conferences, the Web Summit is an excellent opportunity for many companies to showcase their products and services, and show what sets them apart from the competition. The networking is, therefore, something very present in the culture of the event, where partnerships and new investments are born.

web summit “Apresentação Critec sobre a app urban art AgitÁgueda”


To Critec, Web Summit brought new contacts and notoriety. We can showcase the multiple products and services we have available, from marketing, design, web development and brand activation technology products, like TOURnado, capTOUR and reflecTOUR. Highlighted was our augmented reality product, associated with the development of applications that gives life to art. We also had the opportunity to pitch our Augmented Reality APP, which allowed us to explain more specifically what we are doing and what we want to achieve.

web summit “Critec presentation about the urban art app AgitÁgueda”


This event is a must go for anyone who has the opportunity to attend, for Critec our presence was essential, especially for our notoriety. Well, we were entitled to a presentation to our Prime Minister, Dr. António Costa and also to the Minister of Education Dr. Tiago Brandão Rodrigues, a dialogue that allowed us to present the Augmented Reality App: AgitÁgueda Urban Art.

A truly enriching experience both individually for those who have witnessed websummit, as well as for the critec team. Here are some interview and news links from which Critec was a part:






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