Google my business: step by step to put your business on the map

How to improve my company's Digital Communication?

Known by Google my business, today we will let you know the advantages of having your company registered in this tool.

To begin with, it should be mentioned that the use is free, which in itself convinces anyone to try. But how does it work? As a business you can access Google's my business platform and create a profile with the basics information of your business, which will help with your Digital Marketing strategy.

One of the most beneficial options is to attach your business location to Google Maps. Where any user can follow the GPS directions and get to your business. Taking into consideration the user’s location, depending on the search terms used, Google will first present companies that have Google my business.

Of course there are different criterias that influence the appearance of your company, such as the quality of evaluations made to your business and the proximity of the user, for example. Even so, it will always be more advantageous for your company to have a Google My Business registration, because as a digital communication strategy it gives you access to several measurement metrics that are important to your business. But, what information is present about your company?

- Name and presentation of your business;

- Location of your company;

- Define service schedules and technical specifications of the business;

- Important contact information: email, mobile phone, telephone, website;

- Answers to customer reviews;

- Present photographs of your company, your business and / or photographs taken by clients;

- Publish updates in the profile to inform your customers about various topics: promotions, attendance at fairs, awards, recognitions, among other topics.

- Manage other secondary information about your business.

Having a proper presence in the digital world these days is paramount to the success of a brand / company / institution. The customer is more demanding, informed, wants to have an active participation in the purchase decision and looks for a communication that corresponds to his demand.

If you continue to doubt the advantages associated with creating a profile for your company, here are some other reasons that will make you understand the importance of this tool:

  1. Make a difference to your competition

If your competitors own Google my business, the likelihood that they are attracting customers that could be yours is quite high. As noted at the beginning of this article, Google uses a several criteria to decide which companies appear first when you search for keywords that match your business. However, it gives priority to companies that have a profile and preferably with current digital communication.

  1. Create a closer call with your customers

Nowadays, the opinion on a product / service / company is crucial in our buying decision process. How many of us do not rely on the comments of a product to draw the initial conclusions? That way it's important that you keep up-to-date your Google my business profile, always responding to comments or reviews. Any company have negative reviews, but what really matters is the response given to the customer. You have to show that you care about providing a high quality service, assume your mistakes and thank your customers for the criticisms / suggestions.

  1. Track your results in real time

In digital marketing strategies one of the great advantages is to have access to the data in real time, which allows us to measure what our results are, for example: how many people viewed your Google my business profile; how many photos they viewed; how many people clicked "Connect" through your profile, among other information.

Why is this information essential? To adjust your strategy by offering customers the kind of digital communication they seek and meet the identified needs.

  1. Creating and configuring Google My Business

- In an easy and practical way, we decided to carry out this guide where you can follow step by step. To create your account on Google my Business (Google My Business), follow this link:

Click the "Start now" button in the upper right corner. To create your account, you simply need an email from Gmail. If you already have one, just log in with your email, if this is your case click "Sign In".

- Set up our profile in Google my business

In the next step, Google will introduce you to different steps to creating your local business profile on Google My Business.

The first of these steps is the name of your business, which is actually the name of your business. It is advisable to use keywords in the creation of the name of your local business, such as "restaurant" or "company". If the name of your business is complex, it is easier for the consumer to find your profile if you attach the name to your industry.

After filling in the name of your company click on "NEXT"

In the next step, you'll need to enter the address of your business location. Be sure to put the most detailed information possible, since that is the easiest way to find your business.

Next, make sure the zone you have previously identified matches what you see on Google Maps:

You can always adjust your location to respond exactly where your business is located.

After clicking "NEXT" again, you will be faced with the category ID that best matches your company. When you begin to insert the category, several will appear as a suggestion, of which you should select which one corresponds to your business. Taking the example critec, a Design agency:

In the next step you should put the contacts of your business. That is, your phone, or mobile phone and, if your business has a website, you should put your respective link. It is not mandatory to fill in this data, however it is essential for customers to reach you, so it is advantageous to do so.

Finally, to verify the accuracy of the data you entered, you will need to enter an address so that Google can send a postcard a verification code of the location of your business. So enter the address and press "Mail". Just choose the address you want to receive and wait for the letter in your home or company.

When you receive the code at home via the mail, you should return to the Google my business platform. Log in and enter the received code. After this action you are ready to start adding information to your profile.

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