E-show is an event dedicated to digital marketing and E-commerce, that brought to Madrid the biggest liders on which area. With the objective of sharing tools, In order to share the tools, solutions and methods that allow the success of the strategies that are implemented, were 2 days of intensive knowledge sharing.

The growing evolution of the online environment means that companies also need to be present in digital platforms. Getting your products right and measured can be the answer to sales success, given that the best advertising medium is right now: the digital medium [given the range-price ratio].

The adaptation of organizations to the digital plan is now a requirement for their survival in today's market. On the other hand, those that do not face this new paradigm end up losing much of their competitive strength.

critec was present with its stand at E-Show, as well as several companies with activity related to the digital world, from: e-commerce, marketing, technology and management.



We were introducing to our neighbors some of our products and services, highlighting the solutions that we offer in terms of brand activation, especially the TOURnado.

E-Show “Mr.Think members doing TOURnado”


  1. Climb to the platform to do the TOURnado
  2. Send Result to Email


But another product that also impacted the E-show was capTOUR:

E-Show “Stand critec highlighted in our capTOUR”


A brand activation product that allows you to place custom frames according to the event and, independently, the visitor chooses between photography or video. At the end of the capture just put the email and, like TOURnado, the content can share on any social network!

  1. Choose the Frame
  2. Smile
  3. Enter the Email

“Results of Two CapTOURs / Different Frames Chosen”

The personalization and interactivity that these products bring to events is the key differentiating factor and competitive advantage critec has over the competition. That can also be your differentiating factor in an event, fair or brand activation, as you can always rent us both technological products: capTOUR and TOURnado!

Give users unique moments so they can share on social networks and make your brand known.

E-Show: Toast to the magnificent organization of this event, that 2020 is the third consecutive!


“critec stand with all our products and services”

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