critec was present at another Portuguese event and this time the theme was: Data Science.

The DSPT Day organized by Data Science Portugal and with the support of Scale Up Porto brings together various professionals, companies, apprentices and enthusiasts in the area, promoting the sharing of knowledge and experiences related to technology, data, information and artificial intelligence.

Data Science is one of the most relevant fields in the digital world, because data is today a valuable asset that can represent a competitive advantage for companies. When properly analyzed, they are a source of quality information that enables managers to make decisions that are consistent and aligned with a company's strategic objectives, in areas such as marketing, management, purchasing, sales, and more.

Technology is one of the elements that have a significant impact on the development of Data Science, namely the creation of tools that allow the optimization of data analysis and translation.

TOURnado was the technological product chosen for this presence that allowed to generate a lot of interaction. It worked as a great way of activating the event itself by enabling the recording of a 360º video, which goes directly to the person's email and can be shared on social networks.

dspt day 1 - Climb to the TOURnado platform and put your imagination to work!
dspt day 2- See the final result and place the email where you want to receive the video;
dspt day 3- Share on social networks - TOURnado of Luís Rosa on his Instagram


dspt day

“TOURnado in action! A 360º video: fast, unique and memorable”


TOURnado once again proved to be one of the great points of interest for visitors, making it a must-see for anyone looking to mark their DSPT presence in an original way:

The advantages of a product like TOURnado are:

  • Interaction with visitors and other stands
  • Differentiating product to have an event souvenir
  • Receive final video so they can share right away on their social networks, as the following example:


This partnership, as well as being a way of encouraging and supporting Data Science, also created value for participants as it provided unique moments for those who contacted critec and DSPT Day.

Networking, knowledge, technology, fun and innovation marked these 2 days and best describe this event.

There is more for next year and critec will not want to miss the 2020 edition!

dspt day

“critec Team with members with the Scale Up Porto | Official sponsor of DSPT DAY

Thank you DSTP DAY | Data Science Portugal

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