critec attended for the third year in a row at Techdays: Building our future. 3 days with over 100 exhibitors focusing on art, culture and technology.

critec has shown its digital diversity with various services:


Leds - event entrance + main auditorium

Having an event without LEDs is almost not viable for its success. On techdays critec installed:

  • Led Auditorium Panel with 5.00m x 2.50m
  • 4 Led cubes with 0.50m x 0.50m and 2 with 1.00m x 1.00m
  • Led panel of the entrance with 6.00m x 3.00m


But, nowadays there are several companies that present LED solutions quickly and effectively.

What are the advantages of having critec leds in an event / stand? Support on time with a professional.

When a customer approaches us to rent us LEDs, there is always a member of our team ready to assist with any unforeseen events that occur. This is:

At conferences, such as techdays, speakers often arrive on the time for the presentation, they need a professional who quickly adjusts and gets everything up and running for the talk to begin.

There are also usual configuration issues during the presentation: power points out of proportion to the led; video viewing, among other unforeseen events that a presentation usually involves.

With the rental of leds by our company we guarantee this type of service on time, always with a professional who will know how to solve last minute problems.

techdays “Techdays auditorium led, used for speaker presentations”
techdays “Led panels for critec stand, possibility of various forms with leds”


If you need led solutions for your event / stand regardless of size, talk to us ;)


TOURnado - 360º video recording

By yourself or with friends, the visits to our stand were enough to ensure that they had a unique memory of this technological event.

But, how does it work for exactly?

The TOURnado is a platform with a camera that rotates 360º and provides the capture of fantastic moments.

After recording just put your email and within a few minutes you receive the video you recorded.

TOURnado is a true TOUR in which critec also participates, though in the external sphere.



Among confetti, balloons, soap balls, tailor-made props, we provide: animation, good mood and a surefire presence.

For those who have, or organize an event, know the need for a product that:

  1. Attracting audiences to your stand;
  2. Provides a unique visitor reminder while being automatically available for the visitor to share on social networks;
  3. It does not spend money on resources as it is a digital solution;
  4. It is a product that allows to eternalize a moment up to 4 people in a video;
  5. Besides being great for promoting the event, people tend to share on social networks and create buzz for the event!
  6. Ideal for events, but also to make known a small product, such as a bottle of wine, for example.


capTOUR - Photo or video

Our capTOUR is the ideal technology product for a more shy audience. Unlike TOURnado, capTOUR allows its users to choose whether they want a photo or video format.

But, how does it work for exactly?

capTOUR is a technological product designed to be used autonomously.

Nothing more, nothing less than a touch screen.

  1. We choose whether we want photography or video;
  2. For each client who rents our capTOUR we design appropriate frames for the event, such as:
    techdays “Choice of frame before photo or video is captured (frames are matched to each event / objective)”


  3. Then just smile! And at the end of the capture, put the email to which the user wants to receive the content.


What are the advantages of renting technological products to critec?

They are ideal for fairs and events in general. It allows direct interaction with visitors, it’s the first step to:

  • Conduct new business;
  • Increase company / brand awareness;
  • Draw attention to your stand and make your products / services known to the public;


But how to attract people to my event / stand?

We have marketeers who know how to:

  • Promote your company and attract people to your stand / event;
  • Social network management aimed at attracting people to your event / stand;
  • They will record and photograph the moments to promote your event / stand;
  • According to each communication channel they know which content will be most appropriate to promote your event / stand;
  • Personalized content for each of the social networks, focusing on an immediate strategy to reach the public for your event / stand.


How to attract people to my stand?

For the Techdays event, critec also concepted, designed and conceived the stand of InovaRia, an innovation network based in Aveiro.

We have designers prepared to understand and design a custom made stand. An appealing stand that correctly exposes your products, that attracts people to visit your stand, that mirrors your momentum as a company / brand, and that uses technology to the right extent to secure new business.

techdays “Stand inovaria”
techdays “Stand inovaria”


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