We all have contact with photos everyday. Taking them for social medias… they are part of our lives in this society that is increasingly focused on the visual.

When we talk about photography at a professional level, there are endless areas of expertise. That is, it is unusual for a professional photographer to be good at all genres of photography. With experience the professional has a tendency to acquire taste and technique for a specific type of photography.

The photography market completes and relates to all the others.The commercial world does not live without images and visual representations. Therefore, the world of photography is divided into categories, differentiated by the purpose of what is captured.


What are the different genres of photography?


Portrait: It focuses on the human being, intends to capture moods and expressions. It usually prioritises the face, particularly the eyes. However, the portrait can also be corporal, where the concepts of pose and / or posture are associated.

Photographer: Steve McCurry


Conceptual / Artistic: As its name implies, it is created based on a concept idealized by the photographer himself. The setting and / or characters are thoughtfully placed in order to convey a message. The timing of shooting is important, but in this type of photography it is common to use editing to reinforce aspects that the photographer intends.

Photographer: Gianluca Micheletti


Documentary / Photojournalism: Known as the raw type of photography. The goal is to portray reality, an event or a fact. It is called photojournalism because it is the most used in the market of information transmission. Be in the cultural or artistic record of an event.

Photographer: Gabriella Demczuk


Landscape: It focuses on the surrounding environment and nature. It does not need lighting or special staging. Nevertheless it is the genres of photography that involves the most patience. Depending on the surroundings, photographers may wait hours, sometimes even days, to achieve the ideal light conditions and conditions for capturing an image.

Photographer: Erin Babnik


Advertising: Focused on producing advertising for products / services. It is usually performed in a studio or in a controlled environment. Quite complex in terms of preparation, light and scenery, where everything is thought and planned. This genre is diverse as it is the most associated with the sales market and commercial world. It encompasses branches such as product, fashion and food photography, for example.

Photographer: Guy Aroch (for Coca Cola)


Lifestyle: It is a type of photography that has grown a lot in the market in recent years. It aims to portray moments and situations of human life in a natural way. They are captured in existing urban or rural natural settings and using only natural light. This category includes family sessions and coverage of events such as weddings, birthdays and concerts.

Photographer: Jessica Rockowitz


The line separating these categories is subtle. It is natural that sometimes a photograph can fall into more than one of these categories.

For example, a photograph intended to advertise a face makeup product is advertising photography but clearly falls into the portrait category.

These categories of photography let you realize that a photographer is not simply someone who dominates the camera and takes photo in any setting or situation.

The professional has to understand and master different techniques and knowledge depending on what is dedicated to shooting.

“If it can be written, or thought, it can be filmed.”
Stanley Kubrick

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