How can illustration help tell the story
of your brand?

We have too little time, too much information to filter and too much to tell.
We walk fast, time does not stop and we have goals to achieve. We communicate daily in many ways, we want to discover new markets, reach new customers, grow more and hope for the best. We should always hope for the best, right? Keep the spirit of adventure in everyday life and never forget to give optimism a chance.


But what do we want to tell? Our story, telling who we are, what we do, how we do it, where we are and where we want to reach. Clarify ideas, a placement, leave a message. From paper to screens, from façade to final product there is a nonverbal narrative that is built over time. This narrative is unique and very visual. This is the point we are interested in exploring, and it is in this respect that illustration is useful to us in a communication project.



How can illustration tell our story or benefit our project?


Illustration can be understood as a form of words and images that share the same support and serve to communicate a particular idea. There is a clear intention to elucidate, to convey something new that complements what is already obvious. The illustration explores the universe of text, drawing, shape, format, typography, colors, techniques and textures.

It creates a new layer, brings a new interpretation of reality, a new point of view. From scientific to children's illustration, whether using manual or digital techniques, it is always complementary to storytelling and can be applied in projects or different situations such as editorial design, packaging, web, digital marketing, apps, etc.

Illustrations as forms of visual language are effective, they affect us because they contain messages and information that we quickly decode. There is a plastic and attractive character in the illustration that gives it a unique personality and tone in communication.


It can cover several business areas. In general, the audience empathizes with easy-to-read images that are very emotional, that make a difference and are not mere representations of reality. We can embark on an adventure based on a real or imagined narrative, but most importantly, the values of your brand or project should be well reflected.

Reasons for more effective communication in your project are always welcome, however, we must be aware of the purpose of what we are communicating and the context in which it occurs.


You should focus on Illustration on your next project if:

  • The concepts to communicate are too subjective or abstract;
  • It has a strong plastic / artistic or playful component;
  • It has a strong storytelling component;
  • There is data that needs to be perceived more intuitively;
  • It has a multicultural tone or there is a need to create an imaginary universe;
  • It needs an alternative to work supported by other forms of representation such as photography;
  • You need to show methodologies or work processes in a creative way;
  • The communication includes a digital component or graphic animation;
  • You want to build empathy and more emotive language with your audience;
  • You want to add value to your product or add a new layer of customization;

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