In an era that saw many industries and professions specialize to grow, the designer needed to diversify and become multidisciplinary.

With a significant growth in the market and the expansion of the internet and multimedia industry, many designers are now involved in web design, including typography, images, animations, movies and even sounds to make digital platforms more dynamic.


Automatic processes:

The development of design-oriented programs has created conditions for designers to evolve in their qualifications and responsiveness to various areas. In addition to the existing base tools in the programs, there are also numerous inherent functions and shortcuts that streamline the productivity and development of these jobs.

Many of these tools associated with repetitive tasks have been improved by automated features built into most applications. For example: search and replace, spell checking, graphic and typographic styles, content management systems, and more.

If there is no feature that automates and simplifies the execution of a task, we can always create them ourselves using commands such as “macros”, “scripts” or “actions”.

The digital content available to designers is huge and should be used to quickly and easily create the project. The constant updating of the editing programs not only facilitated the process of creation, but also the preview of the final result by the designer, as well as the client, and later the exportation in different formats for different purposes.


Design is not just about tools, but about the skill of a designer:

A designer should be multidisciplinary, understanding different areas in the production process, from customer communication to testing and quality checking of the final product. Having guidelines in diverse disciplines such as photography, illustration, music, writing, web design techniques allows the designer to ensure the success of the final work.

Design is a very engaging activity, for which it takes dedication and a willingness to learn. Absorb as much of the surrounding areas as possible to be able to work well what you like, but also to be able to work what you don’t like. All this, to complete a job that meets customer needs, effectively.

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Leonardo Castanheira


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