How to use virtual reality and augmented reality in brand communication

critec was one of the invited companies of Summer Jade Conferences that took place at ISCAC. Europe's second largest conference, which annually brings together junior entrepreneurs from 14 countries across Europe.

With the theme “How new technological realities can change the communication of brands” we went to Coimbra for an exchange of ideas about this new paradigm. It was an informal presence, within a workshop where practical cases were discussed.

Among them, understand how virtual and augmented reality combine with marketing and brand promotion. Discuss the value proposition of these actions and how brands position themselves in relation to these tools. Applications range from training in various sectors of activity, advertising, meetings or to the most exciting sensory experiences.

In addition to the exchange of ideas in this dynamic, we take capTOUR with us!
To perpetuate fun moments, boost networking and above all register the moments in a different way, able to put a brand directly on social networks. These types of products that we make available, confirm event after event that people adhere autonomously and in some ways, become brand ambassadors.

Projecto UNI+i
Projecto UNI+i
Projecto UNI+i

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