This week we were at UTAD University of Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro, participating in the UNI + i project, which consists of cooperation between northern Portugal and Castile and León to promote innovative entrepreneurship and business competitiveness.

UNI+i project

With the theme "How can new technological realities change brand communication?" We shared some ideas about augmented reality and virtual reality. The constant participation and relevance of the audience helped to develop the theme. We talked about advertising opportunities to explore in virtual reality and how marketing would work in this area. But not only. Prospecting the diverse uses of virtual reality glasses has also been a topic discussed, from its usefulness for training and training in several sectors, as well as, a means to foster distance communication between companies in virtual meetings. The augmented reality was also present with a practical example of the AgitÁgueda UrbanArt app we developed in order to "give life" to the urban works of art scattered around the city of Águeda.

Thank you UTAD in the morning teeming with sharing and knowledge!

UNI+i project
UNI+i project
UNI+i project

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Catarina Pimentel


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