Corporate Identity: How to highlight my brand using the power of design

“We are a dynamic and organized company.”

“We are stronger and more effective than our competition.”

“Our focus is the client.”


These are some sayings that we hear from businessmen, regardless of whether it is a small, medium or big company.


Without a doubt, a well made and developed corporate image, that is strong and consistent, will highlight your business on the market, and distinct it from the other brands.
Although, is important to understand the relation with the design, and the way it relates directly and indirectly with it.


What is design?


There is no exact definition of design.
We can find signs of it since the prehistory, but it started to be understood and applied on a more cohesive and assertive way since the Industrial Revolution, period indicated on its appearance.
Many people claimed that Design is Art, what it's not completely wrong. According to Munari, “(...) art and stetic are important and should be present on object and products designed” (Munari, 2015).
It have existed over the years, intrinsic relationships between art and design, yet, if we had to summarize design in a few words, these would be for example: project, people, function, problems and solutions.


We can perceive design as a mean, to improve visual aspects and functionalities of a project or product, presenting solutions to problems encountered, in order to answer the needs of the consumer.
Along the years, companies have invested on design as a stronger tool to concept and create products, so they stand out on the market, towards their competitors.


If we understand that design is a mean to give value to products, that allows us to conquer new markets, shouldn’t we treat the corporate identity in the same way?


With design, the idea was consolidated that "the form meats the function", in other words, everything that is well planned from the functional point of view, ends up performing the function for which it was developed, allowing us to retain our customers and attract new potential customers more easily.


But after all... What is the image that your company intends to pass on to the customers or potential customers?


All companies must, on the present days, be prepared to see their image compared with the competition. The development of the corporate image of a company, goes through much more than a simple logo or a good slogan.
The companies want both nationally and internationally, position themselves positively and relevant on the market and guarantee that their customers feel safe, about the organization and their products and services purchased.


A corporate identity developed in a efficient way, follows a series of steps to ensure that in the near future it will fulfill its function:

1. Analysis and knowledge of the target audience we want to reach;

2. Analysis of direct and indirect competition;

3. Know the products and / or services;

4. Definition of concept;

5. Image development;

6. Application of the image to the various supports necessary for the communication of the company;


With regard to the creative process, it considers several aspects when creating the image for the brand. Some of these aspects go through the definition of form and color, in order to create a unique image with a strong personality that reflects the philosophy of the company.
The image developed should also reflect its market position and the positive concepts, among them, trust, seriousness, security, credibility, innovation, etc.


The development of a new corporate identity is not just the creation of a new image, it shouldn’t neglect some key points and have to be based on some of the company's foundations, such as years of experience and history. A consistent identity, pass to us that the company is professional, organized and concerned with its image, reinforcing its experience and mission in all aspects.


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